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BAK: Academy for Coaching, Media Training, and Crisis Communication

The BAK is the joint educational institute of Richard Schütze Consult, ipse Communication, and Prolangco. Under the umbrella of the BAK, the agencies combine their decades of experience from seminars and coaching sessions on the subject of competency in communication. Together, the agencies want to do justice to the trends of the time with new didactic approaches.

Who are you dealing with?

The BAK is managed by Richard Schütze (Richard Schütze Consult GmbH), Joachim Roscher (ipse Communication GmbH), and Lance Loreno (Prolangco GmbH).

Experienced media and rhetoric coaches are supported by a team of proven communication experts and media professionals for the respective seminar format.

Who is our offer aimed at?

Our seminar and coaching programs are tailored to the needs of managers and employees from companies, associations, social organizations, and politics for all cases with special demands in terms of communication competence.

What can you expect from us?

The BAK organizes its training and coaching sessions, seminars, and workshops:

  • Customized – according to the participants’ specific requirements
  • Practically applicable – including thorough preparation by the coaches to meet the demands of our clients’ sector
  • Effective – with A/V equipment, thorough analysis, and profound feedback

The BAK-coaches analyze and optimize:

  • The personal communication patterns and profiles of the participants
  • The structure and communication process in their working environment

The BAK offers:

  • Individual consulting
  • Modern, practically applicable coachings and seminar programs
  • Personal guidance on the scene – at the studio, the event, or the exhibition stand
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