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Crises and Issue Management

Crises come as a surprise. And they hardly give us time to think. Stand with your back to the wall and you will make mistakes. And heads often roll.

Some industries are more prone to crises than others: sabotage, recalls, layoffs, accidents, financial difficulties. If there’s a “fire”, you should be prepared. Part of the prevention program is that you and your employees are able to make the right decisions in the crisis, deal with uncertainty and insecurities and steer them in a constructive direction.


  • offer overview seminars on structures and requirements in the event of a crisis
  • develop crisis simulation trainings – adapted to your specific crisis potentials – and conduct them realistically
  • prepare you to find the right words for media representatives, employees, affected persons, and the public even in stressful situations and in “real time”
  • help you to recognize crisis situations early on and to correctly assess the crisis potential of an “incident”
  • work with you to develop reliable standards and procedures for crisis management in your company
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