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Corporate Reputation

A good reputation is hard to gain – and easy to lose. A company’s reputation is decisive for its position in the market. What’s more, public perception is a measurable factor that determines the value of the company. You shouldn’t leave it to chance.

Clever marketing alone is not enough. Your reputation depends on every communicative action of your company – whether it is directed inwards or outwards.

Properly understood, however, targeted corporate reputation management is a powerful tool: for motivating and recruiting employees, for the trust the market has in you, for reporting on your company.


  • evaluate and describe the external perception of your company using a stringent scheme
  • reveal your potential for optimization and propose the necessary measures
  • coach leaders to better represent the “style of the house”
  • establish good relationships with your stakeholders
  • make you known: in the media, the public, and politics
  • develop a narrative based on your company history – and help you to free yourself from the potentially existing weight of history
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